How to Improve Back Foot Batting

A majority of batsmen are good front foot players. The front foot stroke is easy for most people as they are able to shift their body weight into the shot. The back foot shot however requires one to lift up their body weight on their toes and then make a shot without the help of much body weight.

A good back foot player would need his arms, forearms and shoulders to be very strong. He needs to be able to cut and pull well to cope with short pitched bowling. Here are some tips for one to become a stronger back foot player.

  • Hit the gym – I have already mentioned that you need strong arms and forearms to play good back foot shots. Some specialized workouts focusing on these muscle groups will allow one to become stronger in these areas.
  • Be light on your feet – Back foot batting needs some agile footwork as you need to get up on your toes and still keep enough balance to transfer power into your shots. The best way to quick feet are to have a strong core and strong legs. You have to remember that you shot starts with  your foot, moves up through the legs into the core, then into the shoulders, the arms and forearms and finally into your stroke of the bat. Skipping rope exercises of various kinds are a great way to learn how to be light on your feet.
  • Practice – You might be a weak back foot player simply because you never face bowling that requires  สูตรบาคาร่า  back foot batting. Ask a buddy to throw down some short pitched balls mixed in with full pitched balls so you have enough practice for both types of bowling.
  • Use a proper bat weight. If you have had a lot of trouble playing cut or pull shots, the problem could lie in the weight of your bat. These shots require quick feet and quick hands and you might be slowed down by a heavy bat. A lighter bat could make all the difference between missing shots and smashing them for 4 or 6.
  • Wear proper equipment. Pull shots require you to open up your body allowing for the risk of the ball crashing into your body. Most batsmen wear a chest guard, thigh guard (both inner and outer) and a good helmet if they are going to be playing the pull shot. You should also make sure that the space between your helmet grill and lid is not wide enough for the ball to come through. Good equipment can give you the confidence to play shots that you would otherwise hesitate playing.

A good back foot player takes time to evolve with practice and training. You will however get immense satisfaction when you earn the respect of your teammates and opposition after cracking a cut or a pull shot off the back foot, as it is the most difficult shot to play.

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