Proper Golf Ball Address to Give You a Great Start to the Round

Golf requires a lot of concentration and the correct form in order to get the most power out of our golf shots but also to make sure that our shots go where we want them to go. Any irregularities or quirks could lead us to miss-hit the ball which could land it either far off the target or in deep rough grass or the sand pit. This article aims to teach you the basics when lining up your shots and making sure that you are addressing the ball correctly.

First of all you should line yourself up with the target, in this case the flag is where you will be aiming, next take a leaf or a broken tee and place this a few feet in front of your golf ball. Imagine a line being drawn between the two markers, if you have time you could lay your club to help visualise the line. You want to be stood slightly back from this line but your feet should be parallel to this line. In time you’ll develop a sense of where your feet should be and won’t need these visualising aids.

The position of your feet is important in your golf stance as they are key to adding power and a บาคาร่า   solid foundation throughout the golf swing. Your trailing foot (the right if you are a right handed golfer) needs to be at right angles to your imaginary line, this foot will rotate to point to the target as you follow through but for now make sure it is at right angles to the shot plane. Your front foot should be slightly open, this helps to make sure that you have the freedom of movement to take a decent golf swing.

Whilst doing all of this you need to make sure your body weight is on the balls of your feet, if you put weight on your heels then there’s a good chance you’ll top the ball (where you clip the top of the ball and not the centre) and your shot will be drastically shorter and may even hook the ball. The important factor to remember is that you will shift your weight from your right leg through to your left leg as you take a golf swing. This helps to drive the club towards the ball and put the most power behind your shots.

As long as you practice and ensure you have this form and poise then you should begin to see your golf shots improving or if you are new to the game then you may be able to get a head start on your other golfing novices.

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