Chusok is praised in Korea on the full moon of the eighth lunar month of the Korean schedule, which is typically at some point during September, or early October.

Chusok is a collect celebration, a thanksgiving feast, when the Korean individuals recall their predecessors with appreciation and express gratitude toward them for the pre-winter reap. The festivals keep going for three days, beginning the prior night Chusok, and proceeding till the following day.

The celebration is additionally called ‘Hangawi’, which signifies ‘an extraordinary day in fall’, ie the ‘day’ of the Harvest Moon. Hangawi has been praised for a long time. Its sources can be followed back to the beginning of the antiquated Korean realm of Shilla, to a weaving challenge that used to be held between two groups. In the rule of King Yuri (24 B.C.- 57 B.C.), ladies weavers would assemble in the illustrious royal residence a month prior Hangawi. The weavers would be partitioned into two groups, each group drove by a regal princess. On Hangawi, the group that had woven the most fabric would be proclaimed the victor by the ruler. The losing group needed to then give a blowout to the triumphant group, a gala where the whole city would wind up participating.

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In present day times, the festival starts with a family get together at which bow formed rice cakes called Songpyon are served. These are loaded down with beans, sesame seeds, chestnuts or dates, and steamed upon pine needles. Other extraordinary nourishments produced using newly collected grain and organic product are additionally arranged and served.

The family at that point offers its appreciation to its predecessors, by visiting their burial chambers, cleaning and clearing the zone around the burial chambers, and offering them food, drink and harvests in custom love. Men, ladies and kids dress in customary Korean garments. Conventional moves are performed and numerous customary games are played – however these shift from district to locale.

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