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Review: Striker (CAN) – Eyes in the Night (2010)

Striker is a Canadian pace metallic band fashioned in 2007. The band launched their first demo in 2008 and primary EP in 2009 known as street Warrior. this is a younger band with sparkling men in heavy steel area. i was pretty unexpected with this band too, however their sound caught my interest at once (which doesn’t happen too often in case of new bands). Striker plays tight sounding speed metallic with powerful rapid palm-muted riffs and melodic leads thrown in to the combination. Guitars nearly slaughter with the chainsaw-rhythms and screaming guitar squeals (pick harmonics) used very frequently. The drumming is likewise quite thunderous on this album. Vocals on Dan Cleary remind a bit of Sean percent of Cage or possibly Halford at higher pitched screams. He uses his variety from mid-excessive to excessive pitched properly and sounds quite powerful. Cleary has very barely tough facet in his melodic voice which means he’s now not absolutely easy but nearly. anticipate a number of excessive notes on this album however they fit properly and are not done so overly or out of key that it might annoy the listener. additionally backup vocals are used at locations to make vocals more robust.

tune sounds very a lot rooted 80’s pace metallic and common ecosystem is actually flashy yet melodic. alongside the sturdy chainsaw riffs – lead melodies, superb solos and pick out harmonics create multidimensional sound that does not sound too flat and uninteresting but instead creates robust wall-of-sound. the whole thing is quite a good deal to your face headbanging material. AIRISTECH HEADBANGER this may be also barely minus on account that while final on the cease of B-aspect of the album there’s a chunk of repetition. still complete album is made with style and is exciting all through.

My favourites here are: opening song complete speed Or No velocity, that’s furious headbanger and hovering vocal transport from Cleary and a few backup vocals carried out nicely. Solo doesn’t allow down both. more athmospheric in no way finishing Nights with it is 1/2-acoustic elements, slowdown elements combined with quicker headbanging ones and some melodic leads screaming. this is propably most moody and rocking music on the album but manages now not to sound overly pu*sy. The White Knight with ultra-fast chainsaw rhythms and extraordinary lead guitar work and excessive pitched screams from Cleary and once again nicely used backup vocals from the band. slightly laid lower back but nonetheless heavy Ice bloodless that has barely Maiden’ish experience in its chorus element practically at it is soaring vocal delivery and exceptional select harmonics together with some shredding. but my number one favorite needs to be Eyes Of The night. simply rattling high-quality guitar harmonics on the intro which leads to first rate lead guitar riffing which continues through entire tune with double bass drums placing the rhythm. Melodies simply persist with your head.

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