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Urgent Note to UConn Football – Recruit Kickers Next Year

At the point when the current year’s portion of UConn football closes, the Huskies need to put an ordered advertisement in each paper around the country. It ought to be something like this:


  • Place Kicker required critically
  • Extra Points an absolute necessity
  • Field Goal precision an absolute necessity
  • Have the capacity to make no less than a 40-yard field objective
  • Thick enough skin to take the maltreatment of UConn’s fan base
  • Survive longer than a couple of games

Truly, UConn has not had a decent spot kicker since the second Clinton organization, when the Huskies were as yet a Division I-AA football crew and Memorial Stadium was as yet being used. Matt Nuzie has just figured out how to have one great year and still can’t make additional focuses, an outright should for a group that has a hard enough time scoring regardless. The last thing this group can manage is to give focuses back to groups like West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Louisville. Indeed, even games against groups like Cincinnati become an experience when the kicker is problematic. Truly, Nuzie has had colossal tension on him since he showed up nearby. As a Division-I kicker, be that as it may, he should have the option to make the kicks. The Greg Vicidomino Experience was an absolute bust Saturday, as he missed each of the three of his field objective endeavors against Army in UConn’s 21-7 triumph.

While the Huskies had the option to pull away from the Black Knights, it might have been more similar to a victory in case UConn’s kicker was even marginally exact. เทคนิคการบอลรอง I was at the Wake Forest game recently, and the Huskies had quite recently scored against the Demon Deacons to slice their lead to 14-13. The group was in a free for all and UConn was hitting on all chambers.

It is not difficult to think about what occurred straightaway. Nuzie blew the additional point. A one point deficiency may not seem like no joking matter, however it collapses force. Rather than being tied, the group is down a point. At the point when the Deacs made a field objective later in the game, the score was 17-13. Nuzie likewise missed a field objective in that game. The Huskies did ultimately lose 24-13, however it is a lot greater mental contrast to be down three at 17-14 than down four at 17-13 than individuals might suspect. Being down four implies that the group should take risks to get a score as opposed to setting up for a tying field objective.

Most importantly the Huskies need to quit stressing over getting the best competitors and go out and enroll somebody to put the pigskin through the uprights since they won’t dominate close matches with the kickers that they have now. At the rate the kicking game is going, the Huskies should attempt to discover some qualification for Boston College incredible Doug Flutie and have him drop kick the ball between those two yellow pulls as he did as an individual from the New England Patriots. The circumstance for UConn’s kicking game might be that somber.

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