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Where to Buy FC Barcelona Football Tickets

While tickets are made accessible to the overall population only fourteen days before a match, the way that Futbol Club Barcelona disseminates them implies that the seats left by this stage are among the most noticeably terrible in the arena.

There are 98,000 seats in the arena and 140,000+ individuals from the club, which implies that club individuals have normally carefully chose the best seats well before they are made accessible for general deal.

In case you’re going to Barcelona for an end of the week when they play at home – and who wouldn’t have any desire to guarantee that? – you can ensure getting tickets by saving ahead of time from an authority ticket specialist for FC Barcelona. In spite of the fact that they are costly they are ensured tickets for each match and this is probably going to be your main choice for matches like Barcelona v Real Madrid.

In the event that you delay until showing up in Barcelona you do have the choice of the ticket promotes. They gather around the passageway to the ticket workplaces a couple of days before matches and there costs likewise will in general be high, yet on the off chance that you delay until match night you might discover individuals with additional tickets needing to sell them for face esteem. แทงบอลรอง

On the off chance that you truly wouldn’t fret what tickets you get, you have a couple of alternatives. The first is to just go to the FC ticket office, either during the day or an hour prior to the match. Lines will in general be long, so ensure you have sufficient opportunity. You can likewise purchase tickets for the club from the vacationer workplaces situate on the Ramblas.

Your last alternative is to purchase tickets from the money machines of La Caixa. Not every one of their machines sell tickets, but rather in the event that you search for the ones checked ServiCaixa you can choose tickets and they’ll be printed out for you right away. There is a little reserving charge and you don’t have a decent decision, however basically this alternative is simple.

The best guidance for great seats is to book ahead of time. In spite of the fact that you pay over the chances, it is awesome for the comfort it brings.

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