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Bonera Lost Balls

Udinese 4-4 with AC Milan with the Wholesale Football Shirt Shop last cycle, three clean sheets and Bonera have an immediate relationship after the game, capacity to Italian media by poor shielding, said the sky Taiwan the Mazhai. “Most recent Milan Bonera round of undeniable level execution you find in your eyes, there will be some development in the exchange market “Bonera changed the area of the outcomes or the chief. Back Alessandro Nesta, Bonera not playing toward the back, and results in the fundamental left back position, scored Allegri Antonini, Bonera help, not to hold the left back position.

This is the second time this season Bonera with the World Cup Soccer Kit remaining back to one side, the first is the Sampdoria game, this game genuinely horrendous play Bonera, AC Milan at last arrived at a 1 – 1, the field is right around an imitation party, has additionally progressed the ball, toss a ball without a second to spare, even Bonera keep left as the other significant evenhanded, the thing that matters is that this game since Anthony Nepal nose breaks, while the camp was hit Antonini Bonera table. A solitary perspective on information OPTA, Bonera, and the hole altogether in the right half of Abarth, both pass 8, just 1 Bonera, effectively treated with 4-overlap decrease, Nella Bo 0, the square multiple times Abarth multiple times Bonera, at the central command of the specific situation, Abarth multiple times, Bonera just multiple times. The two finishes, AC Milan, left and right horizontal positions are extremely lopsided. unremarkable at the two closures Bonera, and on the grounds that specialized harshness, absence of essential limit of the ball the initial 15 minutes, sending the shot Ambrosini, Bonera arrangement no real way to see the ball out of the line band, even in Lecce at home, then again the fans broke the joke and ridicule, 33 minutes, the ball Bonera the primary field in the end on the other terrible, Ambrosini needed to utilize strategic missteps breakdown back one the other, 86 minutes, Bonera for no situation later than the end of the market is awful, if the outcome is 1-1, you need a counter-assault for an enormous scope, co-Tiago – Silva has been an enraged rival and utilize this to pull a great deal of sat around idly, 91 minutes, Bonera got Tiago with the Italy Football Shirt in the wings – pass wavering Silva, one was the end, compelled to run the ball sideline, the city of Yago – A slip of the hand of Silva irate at the way back, to communicate their discontent. คาสิโนออนไลน์88

To Bonera, Moggi has openly addressed: “In case it were me, I incline toward Yepes, not utilized before Milan Bonera, actually anticipating the advancement of the people who know the players; I accept that senior administration will make AC Milan, so I surmise Yepes can be AC Milan. Yepes has supplanted the last corner when Mathieu Flamini, 20 seconds left! Yet, I dread that the times of the commencement finished up Bonera, Galliani has openly set a left side, while the point watch position, the AC Milan is in close contact with Rome, Philippe Mexes, as per media Italian words, not to Rome, after the agreement is without question Mexes AC Milan. Likewise, the advance to Serie B in Padova previous youth group with the Italy Shirt to play this season, additionally focus on AC Milan.

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