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Seven Little Known Facts About the Quarterbacks of the Dallas Cowboys

There are not many establishments in elite athletics that can coordinate with the notoriety of the Dallas Cowboys. Like any football crew that becomes well known, a lot of the credit and consideration goes towards the men playing quarterback. Considering that, here are some insider bits of trivia about a portion of the different men who have prepared at quarterback for the group throughout the long term.

  • Roger Staubach tossed more score passes against the New York Giants (24) than he did against some other group.
  • The most score passes at any point tossed by a Dallas Cowboys quarterback during their experience with the group is 165 and was finished by Pro Football Hall of Fame part Troy Aikman.
  • The group’s quarterback who has the most capture attempts in group history is the unbelievable Troy Aikman who tossed the ball multiple times to the next group during his vocation. สูตรบาคาร่า sa gaming ฟรี
  • Since they appeared in the association, the main school that the Cowboys have drafted more than one quarterback out of is the University of Washington. In 1984 they drafted Steve Pelluer in the fifth round and in 2009 they drafted Isaiah Stanback in the fourth round.
  • Tony Romo’s first score pass of his profession came in the fourth quarter of a 34-6 success over the Houston Texans in 2006.
  • The Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has been sacked the most in group history is Roger Staubach. During his residency with the group, he was sacked multiple times.
  • Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach each played in six Pro Bowls. That is the record for most Pro Bowl appearances by a quarterback playing for Dallas.
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