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The Men’s Soccer Squad of Honduras – Sports Heroes!

Energy, Determination, and Discipline!

Tunisia 1977

Did you know-Surprisingly, the group of Honduras came in 6th spot, in front of France and Italy, in the FIFA Under-20 World Championship in Tunisia (North Africa) in 1977. On that event, this group was considered by certain specialists to be the best crew at any point collected in Central America. Over the span of the competition, in the primer round, Honduras beat Hungary 2-0.

Spain 1982

Did you know-Against all odds,the crew from Honduras, a group with energy, discipline and aspiration, won the option to contend in the worldwide rivalry in the mid 1980s, to the detriment of Mexico, Haiti, and Cuba. Interestingly, they had caught the CONCACAF Tournament. Later on, Honduras bragged one its most noteworthy donning minutes when the country attached with Spain, the host country, 1-1 in the Men’s Football World Championship. Throughout the competition, in the primer round, Honduras additionally attached with Northern Ireland (1-1). Thusly, notwithstanding, the Central American crew lost 1-0 to Yugoslavia (present-day Serbia). Therefore, the Spanish-talking country came in eighteenth spot in the worldwide occasion, among 24 groups. All things considered, Honduras – a football-adoring country – turned into the second Central American nation to fit the bill for the FIFA World Cup, after El Salvador, which had contended in the worldwide occasion in the United Mexican States in the mid 70s. เกมยิงปลา

Blemish del Plata 1995

Did you know-Despite its tremendous exhibitions, Brazil lost 1-0 to Honduras in the 1995 Pan American Games in Mar del Plata (Argentina). By 1994, the Brazilian group had caught the gold decoration at the FIFA World Cup in America.

Qatar 1995

Did you know-By the mid-1990s, the under-20 public football crew equipped for the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

Africa 1999

Did you know-Between April 3 and April 24, 1999, the public crew went after the Under-20 World Cup in Nigeria (Africa).

South Africa 2010

Did you know-The public group, which contended in the FIFA World Championship in Spain in 1982, left a mark on the world when they acquired a spot for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, starting off festivals in Tegucigalpa, the country’s capital. Its capability for the worldwide occasion was a sensible outcome of its persistent effort and discipline. Thinking about the circumstance of the country, one of Latin America’s three least fortunate republics (after Haiti and Bolivia), the group from Honduras is an outstanding model in soccer history. Beforehand, they had contended in the Olympiad in Beijing. In China, Honduras was one of the 15 best groups of the world.

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