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How to Teach Players Accuracy and Correct Weight Using a Push Pass

We as a whole realize that the push pass is the most utilized pass in soccer, yet how might you get more youthful players to rehearse the push pass in way that is cutthroat and keeps them interested.

Well I coincidentally found this drill some place and attempted it in last weeks meeting that I had. This drill is most appropriate for more youthful players, and they appear to have heaps of fun with it.

  1. Separation your players into sets and give every player in the pair a number ie either 1 or
  2. Get all the number 1’s in a line remaining around 3 yards separated.
  3. Give each number 1 player a ball
  4. Have every one of the number 2 players on a different line, around 10 yards away, inverse their accomplice and confronting their accomplice.

The players have now framed a passage, with every player confronting their accomplice who is ten yards away

Presently you get two different players, one at one or the flip side of the passage to miss a ball and down the passage shaped by the 1’s and 2’s

In my meeting I was toward the end and I got another parent who can pass the ball precisely to be at the opposite end. The two players at either end must have the option to pass the ball precisely for around 20 yards.

As the ball is going through the passage, the players with the ball attempt to hit the ball with a pass.

In the event that they hit the ball they get 3 focuses แทงบอลถูกกฎหมาย

In the event that they miss the ball, however the ball goes to their accomplice they get 1 point

In the event that they miss the ball and the ball goes wide of their accomplice into another sets path then they get 0 focuses

It is significant that the players attempt and pass the ball to their accomplice such that the accomplice can get the ball without any problem. ie the should pass the ball straight across the passage to their accomplice.

My under 9 group played this game for around 20 minutes and lived it up. It is an extraordinary way of further developing exactness and the heaviness of a pass, and the cutthroat nature makes it a good time for players, so try it out!

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